GP Flupropanate

Mouse Control Pellets

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GP Mousemaster 25 Zinc Phosphide mouse control pellets are high quality durable pelletised bait used for controlling large infestations of mice in agricultural situations. GP Mousemaster are an Australian manufactured product developed for the control of mice in broadacre situations.

GP Mousemaster pellets are produced in a dedicated poisons production facility in New South Wales, the pellets are 4mm diameter and are hard durable pellets efficient for spreading. The pellets are resistant to moisture and light showers, and they break down readily in the environment leaving no harmful residues.

GP Mousemaster offers 100% guaranteed no germination, pellets are highly effective and provide quick results with low secondary poisoning risk to non-target species.

When bait is consumed by mice, toxic phosphine gas is released in the stomach, the phosphine is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and results in a quick death. Mice die after ingestion of as little as one pellet of treated grain, therefore a low application rate is required making GP Mousemaster a cost effective and efficient way to control mice.

Mice tend to die underground and any surface deaths are cleared by scavengers. Dead mice are not toxic to scavengers.