Suitable for both Aerial & Ground Application

GP Flupropanate and GP Regain are suitable in their granular form to be applied by hand, ground or by air (helicopter or fixed wing aircraft). They can be applied any time of year as per the labels and become effective after sufficient rainfall mobilises the active constituent into the root zone.

Best results for control are when application is made prior to seedling growth and vegetative growth for the year (generally autumn to spring) and well before seed set.
The time required for complete control depends on many factors including soil type, rainfall, plant size, plant density and rate of product that is applied.

Application Equipment

GP Regain and GP Flupropanate are very effective and the results may last for many years, so it is very important to ensure that the application is done properly. An under-application will result in continued regrowth problems and an over-application may result in pasture grass damage. Applications of these products must be done with properly calibrated and accredited equipment, as indicated on the label. Accreditation is only achieved after rigorous quality assurance and environmental due diligence procedures are achieved. Minimum requirements include:

  • All applications must comply with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation
  • Application pattern testing showing a coefficient of variation of less than 10% must be documented
  • Application must be supported by GPS guidance with data logging and download capabilities
  • Current Australian Aerial Application Association Spraysafe Accreditation or equivalent must be held
  • All applications must be made by calibrated, positively metered variable rate equipment.

Product Handling

GP Regain is packaged in 20 kg boxes and 500 kg bags for bulk application. GP Flupropanate is packaged in 15 kg buckets, and 20 kg and 500 kg bags for bulk application.

The small 20 kg packs are hand poured into hoppers and the bulk applications are loaded into a granule loader then augered onto the aircraft.

GP Regain and GP Flupropanate granules may powder if treated roughly. Therefore a belt type auger is used when handling and loading the product to ensure the granule integrity.

Due Dilligence

Vegetation management legislation in each state varies, but in some circumstances a permit may be required prior to proceeding with a herbicide application. Check with your local agronomist for any specific requirements.