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    Profitable Pasture Through
    Australian Innovation
    Our extensive history in agriculture and experience in aerial application has
    allowed us to identify effective control techniques in managing invasive plants.

    We are focussed on solutions and our team listen to you and work with you to deliver holistic
    advice to improve your pasture’s health and your business’ profitability.
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    Herbicides designed for
    Our granules are designed specifically for aerial application in Australian conditions.

    Smaller, spherical, high dose granules provide for better ballistics, greater distribution, faster uptake
    on less rain for less cost in logistics and handling.

Our range of granular herbicide is registered for the control of woody weeds and invasive grasses

GP Flupropanate

86.9 g/kg flupropanate

GP Flupropanate is a high quality herbicide granule for the control of invasive grasses.

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GP Regain 200


GP Regain 200 is a quality Australian manufactured Tebuthiuron granule.. Suitable for the control of woody weeds.

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GP Regain 400


GP Regain 400 is a quality Australian manufactured Tebuthiuron granule, specifically designed for aerial applications.

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GP Regain 750wg


Regain 750 provides a liquid application alternative to granule tebuthiuron formulations

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Bacillus thuringiensis

A granule for the control of Saltmarsh mosquito larvae in mangroves, marsh and other water bodies.

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Flupro liquid is an alternative to the Flupropanate granules for the control of invasive grasses.

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GP Hex 250 SL

250g/L Hexazinone as a Soluble Liquid

GP Hex 250 is Soluble Liquid for the treatment of isolated clumps of regrowth.

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Rural Queensland Today with Ben Dobbin

Granular Herbicides are Ideal

  • Ability to reach weeds under tree canopies and scrub foliage
  • To access hard-to-reach areas
  • No waste in mixing or application
  • Reduced logistics and application costs
  • Precision application via plane, chopper or drone
  • No drift or off-target damage
  • Activated by rain allowing for an extended application window

Success Stories

  • Grahame Clarke


    The only Parramatta Grass to survive were the tufts missed by me & they are few in number.
    The Kikuyu Grass has not been affected & clover is filling the gaps where the Parramatta Grass was.

  • Tom Coombes


    In 2016 we began our aerial program using granular flupropanate with granular products.
    The results were outstanding and we spent the same money.
    We finally feel we might be able to win the battle against this incredibly invasive and destructive weed.

About Granular Products

Our experience in aerial application and our extensive history in farming allows us to remain at the forefront of herbicide innovation. We’re dedicated to the research and development of high quality granule herbicides suitable for Australian conditions.

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