Ground Application

The selectivity of the Flupropanate chemistry is reduced significantly once over application is made, thus it is ESSENTIAL that precise calibration and application is practiced. Contact Granular Products for further information.

Agronomic advice also should be sort for specific application rates, pending desired outcomes. Once the application rate is established, the mode of application needs to be matched to apply the correct rate as well as an even granule distribution across the swath.

An even distribution of the granules is essential to ensure effective coverage and control. The label rate of 15kg/ ha = 1.5 gms/ m2 or an approximate granule spatial distribution of 1 granule per 5 cm x 5 cm.

A number of devices can be used, please see below for calibration guides on each.

For any questions on the Epple Skattergun, please contact:
Brett Epple
0429 002 241