Benefits of Granules


Manage Weeds in Hard to Access Areas

Ability to Reach Weeds Under Canopies and Foliage

Activated by Rain

No Drift or Off-Target Damage

Low Volume Applications Reduce Costs

Pasture management can involve vast tracts of land, wooded areas, steep hillsides, ravines and so on. Managing weeds in these areas can be extremely difficult, particularly as many weeds establish themselves and build up seed-banks in these difficult-to-access areas. In many cases, aerial application of a herbicide is the only cost effective option.

When it comes to aerial application of herbicides, granules are the only formulation type to consider. Liquid herbicides can evaporate before hitting the ground, may drift off-target, damage trees and may not penetrate the tree canopy to reach target weeds on the ground. Granule herbicides do not have any of these issues, and they can be applied by air with an even distribution pattern. They reach the soil surface where they remain intact until rain releases the active ingredient to control weeds that germinate with the same rain event.

Given this ability to remain intact until rain arrives, granules have an extremely long window of application, a flexibility required when extensive areas are involved.

Granular Products granules are manufactured in Australia to meet strict technical specifications. GP Flupropanate is the only granule flupropanate available in Australia. It’s granules are smaller than most other granules; there are approximately 400,000 granules per kg, which, when applied at 15 kg/ha delivers more than 600 granules per m2. This extensive distribution ensures excellent control.

Granules also have other benefits. They are packed in lightweight and easily disposed of packs. There is no mixing required and no wastage of left over product. There is minimal exposure to the chemical, no smell, no vapour. Any spillages are easily swept up.

Using granular herbicides allows for low volume applications. For example, 15 kg/ha of granular GP Flupropanate has a ground coverage similar to 35-80 L/ha of liquid chemical, therefore applicators are required to carry significantly less product. This saves up to 60% of application costs.

As there are no liquids involved, applications around electricity poles, and associated infrastructure are not restricted. Applications along roadsides are also safer as slow moving large spray tanks are not required.

For smaller areas and/or spot treatment, hand application equipment is relatively cheap compared to spray equipment; Granular Products offers small shaker packs for such applications.