GP Flupropanate

Effective. Versatile. Economical.

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Many paddocks only have isolated clumps of regrowth that cannot justify the expense of an area-wide programme. GP Hex 250 is the ideal product for these situations. It can be applied by air or ground units to cover larger areas, or it may be applied by a small boom, spot-gun or stem injection. Spot-gun or stem injection allows for treatment of individual bushes/trees, ensuring that only those trees are controlled and there is no wastage or loss of chemical.

Ideally, managing regrowth is best done on an area-wide basis, where whole paddocks can be locked up from stock, treated, re-seeded and brought back into full production quickly.

This versatility in application method allows any area to be treated, bringing the whole paddock back into production and ensuring there are no surviving weeds to reinfest treated areas. It also means greater flexibility in labour management, whereby any available labour can be utilised with a spot-gun as hand applied applications may be done any time of the year.