I got the Granular Flupropanate at the end of April after reading about it in ‘The Land’ paper.
It was applied at the given rate in late April, to a small plot-about an acre. Although it was the incorrect time & we had a dry winter with 60 days of no rain at all, the results so far are very good.
The only Parramatta Grass to survive were the tufts missed by me & they are few in number. These results are impressive & with 2.5 years of activity to get germinating seeds it is looking good. It is pleasing to see the effectiveness of Granular Flupropanate application by hand. Though tedious, it’s achievable. We have 80 acres & much of it is lightly infested. I will use a marker spray to avoid missing any in future. The Kikuya Grass has not been affected & clover is filling the gaps where the Parramatta Grass was.
Kind Regards & many thanks for coming to our place to check our efforts.
Grahame Clarke