“Why were the granules developed and why choose granules over liquid?”

In 2002 QDPI and the Weeds CRC made a commitment to understanding liquid application issues for GRT, as a result GP Flupropanate was developed.

Traditional liquid aerial applications faced many issues in pasture and timber situations, the granules provide several key advantages that liquids can’t.

  • ZERO drift and off target damage
  • Granules fall through the timber canopy and can target weeds under trees, liquids get caught on the foliage and canopy and do not reach the soil, which is the target.
  • Lower application rates can be achieved as the granule can fall down through high biomass pastures which would need very high water rates to achieve the same coverage on the soil if liquid was used.
  • A lower application rate also increases aircraft efficiency and aerial application costs can be reduced by up to 60%.
  • Small spray droplets can evaporate reducing the effective application rate whereas granules are very stable across all conditions.

“What’s the best time to apply Flupropanate?”

There are two thoughts regarding application timing. We’ve seen excellent results from an early Spring application. An application at this time is designed to minimise seed set. The second approach is a more general application period from Autumn to Spring (avoiding the Summer storm period.) The concept for an Autumn application is that the residual of the Flupropanate will control these invasive grasses for 2-3 seasons, therefore an earlier application will increase mortality percentages, pending the seasonal fluctuations. Also the Autumn application does not tie up paddocks in Spring when your pasture production is generally at peak, graziers are free to rotate and not constricted by withholding periods.

“I’m a hobby farmer, what options are available for Giant Rats Tail Grass, (GRT) Giant Parramatta Grass, (GPG) and Serrated Tussock (ST) control?”

GP Flupropanate is a convenient control option, there is no need for mixing chemicals, purchasing expensive spray equipment or cleaning spray equipment. Our shaker packs (750g) are a light weight design that can be stored in the car, ute or quad bike allowing easy fuss free application when and where you see the weed. Simply screw the lid back on and store away for the next use.

“Isn’t aerial application expensive?”

It’s important when hearing the upfront cost of an aerial application to calculate and put into perspective the costs if you were responsible for equipment, maintenance, labour, superannuation, workers comp, personal protective equipment and the time it takes for logistics and management. Generally aerial application can be as cheap as $30 + GST per ha for fixed wing and 50 + GST per ha for helicopters. The benefit of aerial application is that our accredited applicators are responsible for all the above mentioned components. To further minimise the cost of aerial application we can fit you into one of our regular control campaigns, where the aircraft ferry cost is spread out over more applications.