Application Devices

Skattergun is a low maintenance easy to use applicator specifically designed to administer pellets and granular herbicides.

Skattergun was designed by Brett Epple of Hughenden QLD. An innovative piece of equipment ideal for follow up control after aerial application.

Brett has done extensive field work over the past two years and has seen impressive results on Prickly Acacia and Rubbervine.

Skattergun can be mounted on a ute, tractor or trailer with compressor and will hold 80 kg of pellets. This machine is pretty much ‘Ringer Proof’ with a tough but basic designed to always be reliable in the paddock.

With the on-off trigger mechanism it allows the operator to treat individual plants to thick scrub whilst only targeting the desired area, making it surprisingly efficient. This efficiency and ease of use makes the ‘Epple Skatter Gun’ a very inexpensive investment for the change in weed management and control that can be achieved.

Price start at $2700 + GST. + freight.

For more information on Skattergun phone 07 4741 1672 or email

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